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BEAting the competition with great service

Posted by Katherine Vidgen on

Online shopping looks convenient and sometimes it is, but how many times have you ordered the wrong thing or the incorrect size and so you have to send it back? 

How often have you thought that the price online was a ‘bargain’ but then your heart sinks when you see the postage costs?  Suddenly it’s not so reasonable is it?  This is what happened to a Bea Baby Kids and Dance customer who came into see me to tell me that they’d found the item cheaper online.  I work hard to ensure that my prices are competitive so we investigated and once we had taken into account postage costs, the customer realised that actually it was cheaper to come in to Bea and make the purchase! 

In the Bea shop, I deliver a very personal service, bespoke to you and your gym, dance or baby needs that comes from years of experience in retail. I love meeting new people, and seeing returning customers, and I’m good at listening to what the customer really needs and how I can help.  I have so much stock that I’m sure we’ll find something that’ll work but at the same time I don’t ‘up-sell’, selling you items that you don’t really need.

I take pride in the fact that I have lots of experience in fitting pointe shoes. I’m a dancer, a mother to two ballerinas and I spend a lot of time with dance schools so I have plenty of knowledge about how to fit these specialist shoes well. 

Buying from me in the Bea shop has lots of advantages! You’ll buy the perfect item first time round for starters.  You can try on in my changing room, see yourself in the mirror and make sure everything feels great before paying.  There’ll be no guessing sizes, quality or suitability as you’ll be able to see and touch everything before you buy and I’m always on hand to offer advice.

My advice also stretches to caring for your product - I want to make sure that you receive years of joy from your purchase, so we’ll discuss after care: how to wash it, dry it, and how to keep it looking like new! Much of my stock is quite delicate so it’s important to treat it well in order for it to last.

I’m an independent retailer, not a chain; this is my livelihood and Tonbridge is my location.  These factors are all important and are impacted when you make a purchase from me.  You’re supporting me by buying from me but you’re also supporting independent retailing and Tonbridge itself – spending money in towns generates more revenue, helping them to provide the necessary services that we all need and allowing them to thrive and survive.  Every independent retailer has a story behind it, it’s someone’s business and you’re helping them fulfil dreams, deliver a service they’re proud of and products they truly love.

Before you start clamouring to tell me that I too have an online shop, I know, I do.  But that’s because I understand that we lead busy lives – I’m a parent too!  However, I’m always on the end of the phone and if you would like to make a purchase online I’m free to answer any questions you might have about your order, just give me a ring 01732 356943.  I try to give you as good service over the phone as though you were in the shop!

Next time you need some new kit, or a gift for a small child please do pop in to see me first.  My welcome is warm and I’m always happy for you just to browse – I’m ready when you need me, equipped with knowledge, experience & great service.

Katherine (QueenBea!)


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