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BEA, Tonbridge is 1!

Posted by katherine vidgen on

Bea, Tonbridge is 1!

Can you BEAlieve it?!  Bea Baby, Kids and Dance is celebrating its first Tonbridge birthday on 6 May!  Time really does fly when you’re having fun - it’s been a toe-tapping, crowd pleasing, ten out of ten year!


Firstly, a standing ovation to the people of Tonbridge for welcoming me and supporting the shop over the last year.  It was a tough decision to leave West Malling, the ‘birth place’ of Bea Baby, Kids and Dance after eleven years and move to Tonbridge but I have been overwhelmed by the response from you all.  Tonbridge has grown and developed over the last year and it’s marvellous to see more independent retailers opening. 

Bea is on Barden Road, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Barden Road renaissance.  There is a local residents’ association and they really take pride in their neighbourhood – why not wander down the road on your way to the park and see how the road hosts several local businesses and some very pretty cottages?  A very special thank you to An Enchanted Cake or Two, who always say hello as they walk by!


And as for my customers, what a loyal following I have!  Whether you’ve needed pointe shoes’ fitting, were looking for a new baby gift or were after some new yoga wear, I want to thank you all for visiting me and coming back - it’s so rewarding when I welcome customers time and time again either into the shop or when I see repeat orders in my online shop. 

Thank you too for all the positive reviews you’ve left on Facebook and the glowing comments I see on Instagram – they make me so happy!  I pride myself on knowledge of my stock and the customer service that I deliver - always happy to help, be that in person or on the end of the phone or email.

The shop

Just as the contestants experience on one of my favourite programmes, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, I have certainly been on a journey over the last year!  My very colourful shop has changed lay out several times to accommodate my growing stock of not only quality brand dance wear & shoes for adults and children, but also gymnastics kit, work out wear for adults, children’s clothes and beautifully crafted toys. I follow the trends closely so have a good idea of what customers are after, but, again, just like a good SCD contestant, I’m always curious and take on board your feedback and ideas – what would you like to see Bea stock?

The future

Bea is becoming busier and busier which is great!  I am expanding the range of stock and I now have Hannah working with me on a Saturday – she has a degree in Theatre Dance, has completed all of her RAD ballet exams and is an expert at dancing on pointe and has worked at the Pineapple dance studio in their shop!  (We stock Pineapple by the way!)

By special invitation

To celebrate my first year and welcome in the second, I’d like to invite local dance, gymnastic and fitness professionals to a special viewing of my stock on Monday 14th May between 10am and noon.  I will be on hand to discuss with you your club’s specialist clothing requirements and how we might be able to collaborate.  But if you just want to browse or chat to fellow professionals then feel free – hot drinks and biscuits will be served too.



Thank you for all your support

and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Katherine X

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