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The Story of Bea.

Thanks to Flashbang Photography for this lovely photo of the girls & I.


My name is Katherine and I’ve always wanted to have my own business but wasn’t quite sure what avenue to take until I’d had my daughter. At the beginning of my pregnancy I had real trouble finding organic products for baby, washable nappies and anything to do with Peter Rabbit for the nursery!  Nothing was easy to locate on the high street, so I ended up ordering on-line when what I really wanted to do was go to a local store to make my purchases. 

While on our first holiday with our daughter Beatrix, we found a wonderful baby shop in Penrith, Cumbria. It stocked everything I had been looking for before and I realised this was the sort of shop that was missing in our local town. My dreams started to be realised when Baby Bea was formed and we opened our doors on 15th Dec 2007.


2 years later we had another little girl Lucie. It was in Sept 2013 that everything changed when we were approached by a local dance school to stock ballet uniforms! Baby Bea, Bea Kids & Bea Dancewear was born. We were so excited about out transformation and loving how things were changing.  

In May 2017 we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to open another store in our local town Tonbridge. We are so excited to bring such an exciting gem of a business to a lovely community. We offer our customers a high level of service and a choice of unique and unusual products in a very child friendly environment perfect to shop in.