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Wear Moi Alfa Pointe Shoe

Wear Moi

  • £6785

The superb Alfa pointe shoe from Wear Moi is handmade in a classic technique by craftsmen trained in the best traditions of European shoe making.  Using the latest material and design, this beautiful pointe shoe features a range of unique and unrivalled features and is suitable for both students and professional dancers.

This medium shank version features:

  • Pre-Arched Last - created especially to follow the dancer's foot shape, following the arch with precision to provide optimum support and comfort.
  • Elastic Drawstring - traditional look and feel of a drawstring, whilst eleasticity relieves pressure on the heel.
  • Full Medium Shank - traditional look and feel to provide a beautiful foot aesthetic en-pointe
  • U-Shaped Vamp and Universal Box - the box shape is square with a slight taper which fits a wide range of foot shapes.
  • Flexible Paste - allows superb roll through the demi-pointe and full foot articulation
  • Reinforced Toe Box - provides enhanced durability and balance.  The slightly rounded reinforced platform is designed to flatten and morph to the dancer's unique balance pointe within approx. 2x hours of wear.
  • High Wings - built up gradually to support the foot  to ensure all toes are held within the box and creating a beautiful, clean aesthetic.
  • Microfibre Insole and Heel Lining - prevents sliding in the shoe and wicks away moisture for optimum comfort
  • Light Weight Design - creating a 'barely-there' feel
  • Embossed Outsole - providing enhanced traction

It is available from a UK Adult 3 to 8 in 4x width fittings.

Please Note: We are trained and approved fitters for Wear Moi and recommend that you have your pointe shoes professionally fitted . 

To book your fitting appointment with Bea Dancewear please call Katherine on 07859074872

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